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Find sales leads with the most accurate B2B email list provider in the USA. Get verified ready-made contact databases based on industry or job title as your requirement. There are over 500 ready-made job titles and B2B Direct contacts available based on SIC industry codes. LeadsLibrary provides targeted email lists containing verified and accurate contact names, job titles, phone, email, postal addresses, industry, revenue, number of employees, LinkedIn profiles, etc.! We can build a customized, targeted b2b contact list if you can't find a relevant database as your requirement with our ready-made list.

96% Email Accuracy Guarantee Available We will provide free credits if the bounce back is more than 4%.

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Affordable Price

B2B connections made through high quality and verified email lists available, at a budget-friendly price.

Direct Contacts Only

We are providing only direct email of real contact person . you don’t need to worry about contacting generic (such as contact@ ,sales@ )

CRM Ready Files

Our lists can be downloaded as .csv/excel files, ready to be integrated into your CRM so that you can start networking ASAP.

Highest Accuracy

Our databases are validated and updated every three months. As a result, Our List is more than 96% accurate. It outperforms all of our competitors.

96 % Email Deliverability Guarantee

2022 updated ,fresh & verified. If More than 4% bounce back We will provide credits for more contacts.

Premium Contact Database

Every contact lists are included company,contact name ,direct email,title ,direct phone number and many more.

Unlimited Usage Rights

Our clients enjoy instant ownership of our data and lists upon purchase. We don’t charge extra fees or limit your usage.

Free Updates for a Year

You will receive one year of free updates from the date of purchase, so you will not have to pay extra money .

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Job Titles & Levels

You can discover accurate contact information for those with decision-making authority over certain works. Avoid being diverted and misled; Start your B2B marketing campaign with Leads Library today.

By Location in USA

Are you looking for direct email addresses of Executives and professionals by city, state, zip code, and other criteria? Then you should check out our extensive email lists, which are categorized by location using our list building tool.


Use our industry-specific, pre-made contact lists to connect with the relevant individuals. Purchase an industry-specific mailing list that has been verified and is accurate, and market to businesses in that field.


Purchase email lists that contain only the contact data of the Countries you wish to market. Build connections only with people with decision-making capacity to make changes and find your leads by their Job Level.

Buy Lead Lists by Profession

Leads Library services allow users to access a business database containing thousands of entries. Our database covers hundreds of job-specific titles. Thus, you can have a successful marketing campaign because we can provide you with a highly targeted list.View All Job Titles


Accurate & Trustworthy C-level Executives Email List

We at Leads Library provide C-level executive data so that you have more information to use when emailing these people. Parameters in our C-level listing include:

The industry they belong to
Company size (large, midsized, or young startup)
Social handles so you can connect with them socially (LinkedIn )
Verified email and direct number
Number of Employees
Location (Zip Code , State, and City)

With your highly targeted listing, you can easily cut through the red tape and speak directly to C-level executives who are likely the decision-makers in their companies.

We can also provide you with an extensive list of highly sought-after contacts in one downloadable database that you can easily integrate into your CRM and start using today.

It is a Herculean task for businesses to access accurate information about organizational decision-makers.

Fortunately, Leads Library is here to provide the information you need on a silver platter. Our expert researchers will collate, verify, and segment the data according to your business and campaign requirements.

Get connected to C-Suite executives from IT, telecommunication, banking and finance, real estate, healthcare, engineering, mining, and more with our reliable B2B databases!

Buy email lists by industry

Leads Library covers all industry-specific B2B contacts. Connect with the right people through our verified and accurate mailing lists and market your products to relevant industries.

All industries are covered in construction, hospitality, marketing, education, finance, manufacturing, and more. When you buy a targeted email list from us, you are assured of a premium, industry-specified marketing, and sales leads. Our databases are very easy to use and do not require advanced computer skills and experience.

The secret to effective B2B marketing is getting the correct business data to ensure that you have the right prospects to target, whether by direct mail, telemarketing, or electronic mails.View All Industries

USA Quality Email List Based on Location

Researching everything you need to know about your prospective clients will mean a lot of effort to exert and time to spend. It will be an endless combing of the web to get contact details.

Here at Leads Library, you can skip such a difficult task. Aside from the industry-specific listings, you may also opt to buy lead lists based on locations.

If a location-based list can help you better, we can provide you with USA listings by zip codes, cities, or states. Such a listing will allow you to connect with businesses in the same area in one marketing campaign.

USA Email list by state
Email List By Cities in USA
US zip codes

We provide email and mail lists covering all the states in the USA. If you need to target New York companies, you can download our wide-ranging directory of professionals located in this state.

Such a list will help you put your product in front of your target audience in New York. Download a pre-built New York list and have all the contact information your business needs from this state to succeed.

Likewise, for businesses that target the state of Washington, our Washington listing will open new doors of business opportunities for you. Leads Library verifies our Washington B2B listing regularly, so our customers can always have reliable contact details with a high level of deliverability and high accuracy of contact information.

Our system allows your team to work instantly and get started making connections right away. We can send you the list you need in a matter of time, and you can integrate it into your CRM application hassle-free.View All states

International Email List

To sell in the US, you will need our comprehensive American listings that offer precise information for successful marketing on American soil. However, our services can help you market beyond the borders of America and reach prospects in different countries and continents.

Selling products and services across millions of miles is easier now than ever. With our downloadable listings, you can market your products abroad with contact details that you need – names, job titles, postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and many more.

You can buy an email list of all professionals and B2B businesses operating in Canada if that is the country you are targeting. We can make it easy for you to communicate with business leaders in the True North with all the trusted information you need to boost your campaign.

Similarly, you can get all the information you need if your business is targeting Australian businesses, African businesses, and leading companies across Asia. Buy b2b email list that can help you reach out across seas to new prospects in other countries today!View All countries

Benefits of Buying B2B Contact Databases from Us

Your business will get great benefits while you work with us. We can help you grow your business, whether you are a startup or trying to expand your reach internationally. You can improve your business from following method using your data list

Build Your Targeted Email List using Our List Building Tool

Filter contacts by job Titles

You can refine your search by job level using the search input. Suggestions will be listed for your search term and you may hit enter to start the custom search.

Pro Tips - Multi-selections are enabled on both suggested lists and custom searches. For example, you can select Account Executive in the suggested list and press enter for the custom search “manager”. Then you will get the result for the job title that includes ‘Account Executive’ and all managers.

Filter by industry and SIC code

Target your business on specific sectors or industries with smart filters inputs in the app. Search for specific companies, industries, and sic codes selection are available to get closer to your target audience easily.

Pro Tips - City, States, and other filters are available for search broad areas and 4 digits sic code can be used for selecting particular area.

Filter by company size and revenue

Customize your result list based on the number of employees and the company’s revenue. This will ensure that the leads you are targeting will benefit from your business.

local and international contacts

We have a quality contact list from countries like USA and Canada. You can build highly targeted lists for your inputs within a single area code or zip code.

Check your results

Once you have built your list, you can review the maximum available number of contacts and related information. To fit your budget, you can resize your listing using the input field, which displays on every result.

Purchase your list

Once you have made a list, click Buy Now. You can set a budget by changing contacts. Make sure the price you see is the price you pay for the full ownership of your list.

Pro Tips - You can choose either Stripe, paypal or Bipay as your payment method.

Create account

You will need to create an account to download the list. Mobile phone number and email ID are sufficient to quickly create your own account.

Pro tips - We offer 50 free downloads for every new user. If you have trouble creating an account, do not hesitate to contact us.

Download your list

The download link will be available shortly after the build is complete and the payment verification is accepted by our agent. The data list can be downloaded as a .CSV file.

Customize purchased List

You can create another custom list using the list that you have purchased and download it using the .CSV file.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Smart business owners recognize that obtaining industry-targeted email lists is one of the most cost-effective strategies to increase B2B lead generating growth significantly.

Of course, without a solid email marketing strategy, you can't expect to convert the cold contacts on your list. From the first email subject line to the manner, you promote your call to action, you must effectively communicate with your audience. Only the most relevant and valuable offers have a possibility of advancing a non-permission-based contact into the sales funnel.

You're boosting your potential audience every time when you add a new email list to your marketing list. The more people who hear your marketing message, the more prospective leads you will produce.

The idea is to optimize your campaigns for open rates and deliverability by combining tried-and- true marketing methods with the appropriate solution for this type of campaign.

Purchasing a new email list can significantly increase the size of your B2B marketing audience. These fresh, cold contacts warm-up into warm opt-in leads; they can be sent to the proper funnels. Marketing can initiate the nurturing process for warm leads, whereas sales handle leads that have already been warmed up.

When you buy contact lists from Leads Library, you get a professionally screened list of contacts who will be open to your marketing message. This means you'll spend less time and money marketing to those who aren't truly interested in your products and services.

Telemarketing Campaigns

Leads Library has also gathered company phone numbers essential for your telemarketing campaign. We have verified phone numbers that can support you launch a telemarketing campaign, where you directly describe to the other person the benefits of your products and services.

We can also provide you with data points that will show you the interests and preferences of your audience ahead of your campaign. For instance, we have categories based on job titles, geolocation, and industry.

Based on the job title, you can reach out and initiate a conversation with your audience from that group and later follow up with a telephone call.

Geo-based contact numbers allow you to connect with people from the same area with similar needs and interests.

Last but not least, you can have industry-based phone numbers that will allow you to target prospects with a common requirement. Providing them with a relevant offer will be a big hit among these prospects.

Direct Mail Campaigns

If you plan to reach a niche audience through a direct mail campaign, make sure that you use accurate B2B postal addresses, and that is what Leads Library offers its customers. We provide tailor-made mail listings to suit every requirement.

Whether you want to reach out to decision-makers or target a specific region or industry, we have the mailing list for that particular need. In addition, we assure you that every single address on our database is 100% verified by experts in their respective industries, such as marketing directors, IT executives, account managers, and many more.

Your focus should be on your ideal marketing customer profile when choosing a mail listing and buying a mail list for marketing. Get a customized database relevant to your business. The key parameters to consider when selecting a database include:

  • The overall quality of data
  • Number of data points provided
  • Match with the ideal customer profile

SMS Marketing Campaighns

Along with other types of marketing possible with the listings we offer, you can also launch SMS marketing campaigns with the cell numbers we provide. SMS marketing is effective for product promotion and building brand awareness. It is a fast way of connecting with potential customers and informing them about the best deals, offers, and discounts.

Further, SMS advertising is a cheap way to promote your products. It is not costly and can be started with minimum investment. Benefits of SMS marketing include:

  • Easy to use and quick to set up
  • A direct platform that allows reaching out to thousands of mobile users
  • It can be integrated with social media and email marketing channels

Fax Broadcasting Campaigns

We also provide fax numbers to companies that think they can grow their business through fax marketing. When you use these numbers and launch your fax marketing campaign, make sure that you have a compelling offer, and your audience will be interested in your offerings.

Fax marketing is similar to telephone marketing. It works by sending ads to numerous fax machines, with the main function of developing relationships with potential customers. Benefits of fax marketing include:

  • Ease of use – Anyone can use it with ease
  • Low cost – Cheaper than email marketing
  • More reach – Odds of fax messages being read are higher than emails

Why should you choose Leads Library’s Email Leads?

While other business data providers sell outdated databases full of duplicate contacts, Leads Library is careful to sell only updated and valid B2B contacts in 2022 and beyond All contact information we provide is mined from several reliable sources, such as public directories, corporate websites, press releases, annual reports, etc

For B2B email addresses, we maintain a high deliverability rate that ensures 96% of the emails you will send will be delivered and received by recipients in their inboxes. We seek to protect the IP reputation of our customers, so regular updates and cleaning of their database is our top priority

With the database we provide, we can ensure that customers can obtain data they can use in different types of marketing: direct mail, telemarketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, and fax marketing.

Premium Business Emails List

Over 96% Deliverability Guarantee
100% Database Ownership
Affordable and Competitive Pricing
Zero Duplicates

Leads Library’s B2B contact lists offer several data fields to help you build a highly targeted campaign. These data fields include:

  • Physical postal address
  • Fax number
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Industry
  • SIC
  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Contact names

With all these numerous data fields, you can design different types of marketing campaigns suitable to your requirements. Use our list of postal addresses for your direct mail advertisement and get customer response fast.

For your email marketing, we have prepared credible listings to help you target past purchasers as well as potential customers. It can help you advertise new products to those who are already interested in your productstelemarketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, and fax marketing.

Our list of phone numbers for telemarketing, on the other hand, will allow you to talk directly with your prospects. Use it to build customer trust and get direct feedback at every stage of the buyer’s cycle

Target and Build Email List to Boost Your Business

emaildatas.com,we provide our customers targeted email lists , which contains verified and accurate contact name ,job titles , phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses,industry , revenue,number of employees and etc !


We can build an email list for you depending on what you need, may it be per:

  • Job type (C-Level ,VP ,Director,Manager and Staff )
  • Job Title (CEO , CFO ,Descion makers or any title )
  • Departments (HR,Sales,Marketing,Finance & Administration ,Support,Engineering & Research,Operations & IT & IS )
  • Industry (Industry Name/SIC Code /NAICS code)
  • Location (State ,City ,Zip Codes)
  • Revenue
  • Number of Employees
  • Location type (Branch,Headquarters and Single Location )

We can ensure the quality of our data because these have been aggressively mined and are thoroughly cleaned by actual, real-life people.

Lead Library’s Reliable Sources

Buy contact lists from Leads Library. We are a data provider of reliable, comprehensive, and accurate B2B data lists. We gather information only from reliable sources, including:

  • Applications and Services
  • Variety of consumer-facing companies
  • Public directories & Corporate websites
  • Business-facing companies
  • Daily utility connections
  • Filings and publications
  • New business filings
  • User-generated feedback
  • Press releases & Annual reports
  • Surveys & Subscriptions

The quality of data customers receive from us is impeccable, as we know that quality data is an essential component of the growth of their business.

To ensure such a level of quality, we invest millions of dollars annually and dedicate hundreds of data experts for research and updates of our databases. Also, we make millions of calls every year for gathering data and data verification.

That allows us to ensure that the mailing and email lists that we provide are free from errors and generate quality results for our customers.

Moreover, you can check out with us regularly for records of new business filings. Capturing new businesses joining industries allows us to provide fresh opportunities for clientele already using our services.

In the US and abroad, millions of new businesses open every year. Thus, many new entries are added to our existing database monthly.

New data of new business listings come from the 51 states of America, so we are pretty sure you are interested in new people and businesses that you can target in your industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are updating emails frequently every day. We provide 96% Deliverability Yes, we are updating emails frequently every day. We provide 96% Deliverability Guarantee. If more than 4% bounce back We will provide credits for more contacts.

Generally, its take less than 12 hours. Some data takes may take longer due to validation of huge quantity emails. We inform you If it takes longer than 12 hours.

Yes. We sell B2B email lists USA & Other countries and allow full access to market your product and services.

Yes. Business data list file types are .CSV and Excel. These file types are supported by all CRM Platforms.

You must choose your target audience accurately. If you pick the best audience to market your product or services, your success rate of generating leads will be higher.

We accept PayPal, Stripe, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Bitcoin.

We offer you Web based application Which will allow you to download real data files as CSV or Excel with customization And Also You will be owned the contact database after the purchase.

Even Our Email validity is more than 96% valid We keep prices 5X lower than other providers to assist startups and small enterprises. Prices of all our databases are transparent and not adjust prices to each customer.

Our complete data set is GDPR compliant.